June 17, 2024 | 10:11 PM

ACCESSIBILITY - Displaying the Symbol Web

[Web Symbol of Accessibility] Description of Web Accessibility icon
An inclined globe, with a grid. On its surface is cut a keyhole.

Accessibility symbol attachment:

The attachment of the Symbol of Accessibility does not guarantee that this site is 100% accessible one. The use of this symbol demonstrates, solely, an effort in increasing the accessibility of this site in compliance with the Resolution of the Cabinet Nº 97/99 on accessibility of the sites of the public administration in the Internet for the citizens with special necessities;

Help Tips

  • 1. When using the options [View]-[Text size] INTERNET EXPLORER and browser options [View]-[Zoom] FIREFOX browser can increase and decrease the font size in order to facilitate reading;
  • 2. Images provide alternate text;
  • 3. The menus are formatted as lists to facilitate the consultation with users making use of navigation technologies;
  • 4. The links are navigable by pressing "TAB";
  • 5. There is a link that takes you directly to the content area;

Links about Accessibility

Application acessibility

If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of our website send us an email: